A package or packaging insert is a small but very effective pamphlet that online retailers can put inside a products packaging. Package inserts are a little bit of a happy surprise for customers and can effectively build good will and strengthen branding relationships.

Package inserts are a low cost way to increase awareness about your company, your product and any promotions or campaigns you have.

In spite of how effective package inserts can be, they are often overlooked. Particularly when you are importing your products from China and it is just too difficult ot arrange for the package inserts to be placed inside your products. However, to survive in online retailing and stand above the crowd on platforms like Amazon.com  the use of package inserts is vital.

In this blog, we look at the benefits of investing in high-quality package inserts and give you some tips on how to use them effectively. 

Package Inserts can be used to:

Increase brand registry   

Increase click-through rate   

Expand new sales channels   

Reduce in-authenticity claims and negative product reviews   

Increase positive reviews 

Increase sales

Reduce negative reviews 

The Value of Package Inserts

To meet the high expectations of customers, attention to details like quality product packagin and package inserts are important for all online sellers.  Some of the reasons package inserts are so valuable are:

  • Low Cost: For the potential return package inserts are one of the cheapest marketing tools available
  • You already pay for shipping: So it only makes sense to get the best return on that cost and take every advantage possible
  • Cross-Selling: Perfect opportunity for cross selling and liquidating merchandise.  highly targeted cross-sell opportunities.
  • Build Customer Loyalty: Package inserts make you customers feel appreciated and endears loyalty.

There are many reasons to take the extra time to include package inserts into your product. We are experiencing increasing requests for product inserts from our customers who take advantage of us being in China where we can easily arrange for the addition of product inserts at the manufacturing stage. Here are some of the different types of package inserts we are delivering.

A. Discount Vouchers for return purchasers

By far the most common type of voucer is the discount offer for the next purchase. Sure, you can include these offers in your standard marketing campaigns, but it is much more tactile and effective when the offer is in the hands of your customer who is hopefully already happy with their purchase. The discount package insert can be on something as small as a business card making it extremely cost effective.

Here are some typical examples:

  • Free Shipping on Your Next Order
  • $20 Credit on Your Next Purchase Your Next Order
  • 25% Off Next Purchase
  • Free Gift with Next Purchase

B. Samples and Small (free) gifts

Samples and free gifts are extremely well received by your customers. Samples of your other products are a great way to get further sales and introduce your customers to other products.  Free gifts, that are a surprise and not expceted, delight customers  without having that hard sell feel. The gift you give doesn’t have to be expensive. Since it’s unexpected, most will be pleasantly surprised by any additional gifts.

Small, inexpensive gifts are a fantastic psychological trigger that craetes a desire in people to return the good will. Therefore, the gesture encourages repeat business  and is a win win strategy.

C. Thank-you notes

The simplest package insert you can insert into your product packaging is a simple yet effect thank you note.

The best ideas we see when our customers are using package inserts to write writing thank-you notes are:

  • Where possible, use quality paper
  • Personalise the note
  • Clearly convey a sense of genuine  gratitude (you are grateful they purchased your product)
  • Subtly refer to a future relationship with them as a customer
  • Include warm wishes like Best, Sincerely, Cheers, or whatever suits your business personality
Package Inserts

D. Request a positive review or social media engagement

Many of our customers use every opportunity to engage their customers on social media or with the review process. A package insert is a brilliant way to gently ask for a review or positive social media comment or like. The time of receiving a package is usually a happy time for your customers, so the timing is the absolute best.

Prep your packaging inserts for customer loyalty

Package inserts are an unbeatable opportunity to provide value to your customers and maximise the opportunity of any sale.

Practically speaking, the best time to consider package inserts is at the very beginning of your process. If you are importing your products from China, you can take advantage of wholesale prices for printing and packaging by having your package insert designed, printed and inserted in China.

With Minden’s packaging services you can have your Package Insert designed, printed and inserted before your product leaves China.


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