With our help you can find better prices, manufacturers and products from China on 1688.com.

  • China’s Best Kept Secret

    Aimed at the domestic market and all in Chinese, 1688.com is not readily available to the outside world. 

  • Those In The Know, Know Where To Go

    Take full advantage of a wider range of suppliers, wholesale products and manufacturers. Your 1688.com sourcing agent would help you making things easier. 

So How Does It Work?

  • Search Products

    Go to 1688.com, use Google translate to translate keywords in Chinese then searching item; Or use picture sourcing; You can also use Google Chrome to translate the web page, then you are in 1688 English.

  • Record Products

    Confirm the products you want to buy and copy the product link; Get a rough price from the site and note down how many you want. Send us the wish order list.

  • Confirm and Invoice

    Our team will double confirm the price and quantity with suppliers, also check about the in-country logistics cost; After that, we will send you an invoice.

  • Issue Payment

    Customers need to issue payment to initiate the order. Our payment is 30% deposit and balance before shipping.

  • Order and Collect

    Our team will order and collect the products into our warehouse after get the payment; In our warehouse, we will check the quality and quantity of the products and share feedback to you.

  • Arrange Shipping

    We arrange shipping according to customers requirements. It can be by sea, air, or express. And you can also store the products in our warehouse and use our dropshipping service.

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WHAT IS 1688.com?

1688.com is a leading integrated domestic wholesale marketplace in China. Launched back in 1999, the website aims to connect the wholesale buyers and sellers in China that trade in a variety of things including beverages and food, packaging materials, shoes, electronics, furnishing materials, apparel, home decoration, and general merchandise. 1688.com is a business of the Alibaba group, and many merchants on Alibaba Group’s China retail marketplaces source the inventory and buy from 1688.com.

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