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Dropshipping with Aliexpress or Shopify? Are you struggling with the cost and logistics of ordering, shipping and warehousing your products from China? And are you desperate to look for Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers? You can leave that behind with our dropshipping service. Minden can help you Source & Store products, Pick & Pack and send to your worldwide customers according to your orders.

Minden Intl

  • Connect your store to our ERP

    A few minutes to authorize your store to our ERP system for better management of the orders and quick response to pick and pack the parcels.

  • Send us your inventory or we source for you

    Get your manufacturers to send your inventory to our warehouse. Or you can also source products from us, we will buy and collect them directly from the suppliers.

  • Store your inventory until you receive orders

    Once we receive your goods, we’ll store them safely for you.

  • Prepare the packages when you receive orders

    We’ll pick and pack the products for your orders. And we offer FREE standard shipping bags.

  • Ship the orders directly to your customers in your name

    Everyday China Post who run the ePacket and courier service will come by to pick up your orders and send them on their way! There are 39 ePacket countries. Know more about ePacket delivery!

  • Inform you when the orders are shipped

    Once the orders have been shipped, we’ll send you a quick update as well as the tracking numbers. And the parcels can be tracked easily.

  • Pay invoice at the end of each week

    Your weekly cost will vary based on destination, parcels shipped and parcel weight. There are no commitments and no minimums.

Dropshipping Products Free Wareshousing
Pick and Pack Accoding to Orders
Parcel Deliver to Customers
Start From Storing Your Products for Free!

And How Does It cost?

Yearly Membership Cost


  • Free Sourcing & Warehousing
  • Free Shipping Bags
  • 100 orders Free Pick & Pack
  • <10 products


  • Free Sourcing & Warehousing
  • Free Shipping Bags
  • 200 orders Free Pick & Pack
  • <20 products


  • Free Sourcing & Warehousing
  • Free Shipping Bags
  • 300 orders Free Pick & Pack
  • <50 products

Pick and Pack Cost

Dropshipping Pick and Pack Cost

The Yearly Membership Cost includes product sourcing, buying from the suppliers, arrange payment to the suppliers, warehousing and quality checking of the products, free shipping OPP bags. And different membership option allows you to try a different amount of products. For example, you can try less than 10 products in the basic membership, less than 20 products in the standard package, and less than 50 products in the premium package. And the Pick & Pack cost is weekly calculated and based on the order quantity.  Note: We work with multiple carriers like E-Packet, Yuntu Express, USPS, etc. Primarily, ePacket can only reach to 39 countries/regions. For more about the shipping cost, more details of the order parcel are required.

Start dropshipping today!

You Ask, We Answer.

To use our Dropshipping service, you just need to send us an email and our sales representative will be in touch. And get your current inventory move into our warehouse or use our sourcing service to buy the products in directly. We will set up an account for you and connect your store with our ERP system.

ERP is to help manage the orders and inventory. With ERP, the orders can be synchronize seamlessly instead of sending them to us by Excel. The ERP is used by worldwide customers. It’s safe. If you are not comfortable using it, we are fine to use excel as well.

So far we have no products for dropshipping. But our suppliers can supply in low MOQ from 1-3 pieces. And we can source products for you following your niche in the best price.

Dropship products can be sourced from any places like AliExpress, 1688.com, Alibaba, Yiwu market, etc.

We have a team specialized in drop shipping fulfillment. All orders will be sent within 24 hours.

We have no requirement for the quantity storing in our warehouse. We can start fulfilling the order from1 piece. But the MOQ from the supplier probably will be different.

Orders will be shipped by EUB primarily. Depends on customers requirements on delivery time. Dropshipping orders can also be sent by other channels like DHL, UPS, Fedex and so on.

ePacket, also known as EUB, is a shipping method specially customized for e-commerce business. It’s extremely popular among Chinese online sellers.

Yes, we can do that. But to do so, it will request a certain number of MOQ of the packages. We can also add customized products stickers, thanks note for your dropshipping orders.

ePacket takes from 8-15 days to reach customers’ hands. So far it’s the cheapest and fastest shipping with a tracking number.

Every ePacket has a tracking number. And you can track the parcel from 17track.netEMS and USPS.

ePacket can only take parcels less than 2kg. Products with battery, powder, liquid, chemical elements are hard to be shipped.

The pick and pack cost is divided according to the order volume per week. More orders you have per week, cheaper fulfillment cost you will have. For example, if your orders are less than 100 pcs per week, we will charge one time cost 1.2 USD per order to handle the whole process.

The cost includes products sourcing, buying from the suppliers in MOQ and arrange payment to the suppliers, warehousing the products, pick and pack the orders, free shipping OPP bags.

Pick & pack cost and shipping cost will be charged at the end of each week according to orders shipped.

Mainly pick & pack and shipping costs are involved in the fulfillment service. It will be invoiced together week by week. For a total amount of less than US$ 500, it can be done by Paypal. More than US$ 500 by bank transfer.

We do not accept Credit Card yet. But Paypal is accepted and you can bind your credit card with Paypal.

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