Artificial flower is quite common now in our daily life. You probably see them every day but never realize that they are artificial flowers. I’m telling the truth, as sometimes you can’t distinguish them by a quick glance. This article will help you know better about artificial flowers. If you own a flower shop, an event decoration company, or artificial flower wholesale/retail business, this will be the best guide for you to import artificial flowers in bulk from China.

Yiwu Market Artificial Flower Wholesale Shop

1. What is Artificial Flower?

If we have to make a definition for artificial flower, it is a kind of flower made artificially from various material to make people have the same feelings for natural flow. It also can be said that artificial flowers are copy versions or imitations of natural flowers.

There are many types of artificial flowers divided mainly by their material. For example, silk flowers, soap flowers, paper flowers, clay flowers, plastic flowers, porcelain flowers and leather flowers, etc. Among those, silk flowers and plastic flowers are most common in our daily life.

Artificial flowers are getting more and more popular and the art of making artificial flowers is so developed and specialized now. Even in China, artificial flowers are frequently used in our life. For example, there is one festival named the Qingming Festival or Tomb-sweeping. People used to burn paper money and light firecrackers in front of the graves. Now we tend to use artificial flowers to show our respect and blessings to the lost ones.

2. Why Artificial Flower?

We love flowers, because of the perfect shapes, the vivid colors and the decent smell. They can always make us fresh and smile. My wife loves natural flowers very much and her dream is to open one small flower workshop. But why the artificial flower is getting popular? And why people are using artificial flowers?

Artificial Flowers last much longer compared to natural flowers.

Artificial flowers can last years, but decorative natural flowers can only last 2 weeks the most. Or you have to have a garden to plant it.

It is easy to take care of artificial flowers.

Arrange artificial flowers anywhere you want, only keep away them from dust. But natural flowers need some real care. Feed them with water and even nutrition, and expose them with certain sunshine. It needs some patience.

Artificial Flowers are cheaper comparing to natural flowers.

For example, in the China retail market, one natural flower costs from USD 1 to USD 3 depending on their names, while artificial flowers cost much less than that.

Natural flowers may cause allergy, but artificial flowers will never have this problem.

As we all know that there are certain people having an allergy to natural flowers’ smell. Artificial flowers can be without any of that.

Artificial flowers can be customized in the way you design.

And people can group any flowers from any season.

Artificial flower management is simple

The artificial flower arrangement is also much easier compared to the natural flower, as the natural one needs to be more careful.

Beyond those, Artificial flowers are so vivid, sometimes much attractive than natural flowers. They serve not only as decoration, but also great gifts.

3. Where Do We Use Artificial Flower?

It’s easy for natural flowers to give people a fresh, bright, beautiful impression. Because of the variety of flowers available, people like to use natural flowers for flower arrangement on most occasions, especially in some grand occasions, or in important celebrations. they must be arranged with flowers to perfection. To set off the atmosphere. The disadvantage is that natural flowers are not long-lasting, and it is not good for them in dark light.

While the artificial flower materials are artificially copied from various plant materials, such as silk flowers, polyester flowers, crystal flowers, plastic flowers and the like. There are a variety of simulations, as well as random design and coloring.

The artificial flowers are aimed at a wide range of people, and especially popular among young people. Because young people are busy with work, they don’t have time to take care of flowers and plants, causing the flowers to wither without spending a few days. Artificial flowers are a good substitute. Although highly simulated artificial flowers are more expensive, they can be used for many years in a single purchase, you don’t need to change them frequently.

In all, artificial flower is the most suitable for large stage, window decoration, home decoration, office space, corporate events, shopping malls, stores, entertainment venues, wedding, birthdays, baby showers, dinner parties, rehearsal dinners, kids parties, holiday parties, festival celebrations, banquets, galas, non profit meetings, and many more.

4. How Is Artificial Flower Produced?

You may have seen many beautiful artificial flowers. But do you know how is it produced? Although we don’t need to be an expert in producing artificial flowers, known the production of it can help us get a better idea of its price, arrangements and so on, especially if you own an artificial flower business.

According to different necessities or flower categories, artificial flowers are made usually in a wide range of materials. Silk flowers are much popular among all the artificial flowers. And statistically, polyester, flocking cloth is the most commonly seen material used in artificial flowers manufacturing due to their cheap prices, easy to be dyed, the ability of the fabric to accept dyes and glues, and durability. Plastic is another frequently used material in artificial flower manufacturing. But it mainly serves as stems, stalks, berries, leaves, etc. Stems and stalks are normally made of iron wire stiffening in some flower petals, leaves, and parts, and painted in green to have a real feeling of natural flowers.

Here are 5 main processes for the production of silk flowers, cloth flowers, plastic flowers or paper flowers.

Moulding flower shapes.

No matter what is the material of the flower, according to the flower design, manufacturer will first cut and press the fabrics into flower shapes, sizes, distinctive flower curves and wrinkles by scissors, stamps, cutting machines. Those will be only the flower petals and parts yet.

Color the petals and leaves.

dyer uses painting brush, painting machine to have certain colors on the petals and leaves.

Prepare the stems.

Stems are usually made of brass or iron wire and finished by painting and injection machine.

Assembling the parts.

In this process, workers will first gather the petals and leaves as designed into a flower shape, and then glue the flowers with the stems. The flower will be built up at this stage.

Packing. Under certain requirements, manufactures can add branded hang tags on the stem as well. After all of those, finished flowers will be sent to branded craft boxes. Inner box will be again packed into carton box and sealed for shipment.

Recently, we visited one artificial flower factory in Yiwu trade city. The factory located in a small village. They have around 25 workers aged from 30-40. But they don’t really manufacture the material. All material are bought from other factories and then assembled in there place. The owner of the artificial flower factory also introduced us that the business is quite good in this line. He has been in it for over 20 years and now has one wholesale store in Yiwu international trade city district one.

5. How To Verify The Quality Of Artificial Flower?

Quality is always a priority for any product. With a few years working with customers and factories, we summarized some tips to control the quality of artificial flowers.

Colors. Make sure the color is not a mess. Sometimes the color is not dyed very well. It may affect the selling of the products.

Parts. There are suppliers cut parts and accessories from certain design to save the cost. Check the flower if it’s the same as ordered.

Assembling. Double-check if the flowers are glued together. If it’s well assembled, it shall not fall apart easily.

Package. Package is very important as artificial flower is a light product and it can not be pressed too much. We have to communicate with the factory that one carton can only have certain quantity of flowers. To many of them in one carton will deform the shapes.

Working with Minden Intl Sourcing, make sure your products are inspected before shipping.

6. Where To Import Artificial Flowers From China?

Are you frustrated in finding a reliable supplier with a reasonable price for artificial flowers? Now you are in the right place. This section will introduce you to the best places for sourcing cheap artificial flowers for retail or wholesale from China. The following places are the best artificial flowers manufacturing cities. We can source all kinds of artificial flowers in those places. If you are ordering artificial flowers in bulk quantity, we assure you that you will get the cheapest price there.

Yiwu Artificial Flower Wholesale Market

Yiwu international wholesale market is the largest wholesale market in the world for small commodities. And artificial flowers, flower accessories, flower vases, artificial flower pots, artificial flower hanging baskets are in the very beginning section of Yiwu market district one. It’s very easy to have a glance of all the products. If you are just started and will not order huge quantity for one design, this is the best place.

According to the local Yiwu Market Guiding Website, there are more than 1,000 artificial flowers suppliers  and over 30,000 artificial flower related products located in one place. But the suppliers there are not all factories. Some are wholesalers, some are trading companies, etc. As mentioned above that we have visited artificial flowers factory from Yiwu market, they don’t really manufacture all the material, but buy from other place and then assemble them in the warehouse. To import artificial flowers from Yiwu Wholesale Market, hiring a Yiwu Market Guide will be of great help.

Tianjin Artificial Flower Factories

There are hundreds of small factories in Wuqing district, Tianjin city. Same as Yiwu suppliers, some of the factories are small with 8-10 staffs. They buy materials and assemble in warehouse. Some are big factories with thousand square meters showroom. Those factories have no export license, but they have the cheapest price for all kinds of artificial flowers.

Hebei Artificial Flower Factories

Hebei factories have a price advantages in leaves, lawns, grass balls. We have regular business with some factories there and shipped many containers every year to Brazil.

Dongguan Artificial Flower Factories

Dongguan factories manufacture much higher quality artificial flowers. And their price is also more expensive than in other places.

There are also factories in Huizhou city, Foshan city, Xiamen city, Zhongshan city, etc. Our company, Minden Intl Sourcing has years of experience dealing with this product. We already established a strong relationship with many artificial flower factories. Our price will help you gain a great market in your country. Beyond this, we can help you consolidate products from different suppliers, and mix them into one container. You will only get one invoice from our company, payment to us will be secured and paid to suppliers. And we will also assist you on the invoice, packing list for export. Contact us now and reach to the best artificial flower factories in China quickly and easily.