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Are you planning on coming to Yiwu Market to find wholesale products?

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Our One Stop Yiwu Market Agent Service can save time and money and make sure you get the products from reliable suppliers at the best possible price.

We will take care of all your travel needs, negotiate with the wholesale market suppliers to get the best prices and complete a wide range of other follow up tasks including packaging and shipping needs.

One-stop Sourcing Service in Yiwu Market

Yiwu Market Agent

Simplify Planning and Preparation for your trip to Yiwu with inside knowledge and assistance.

  • Free Invitation Letters for your Chinese Visa Application

  • Advice on the best accomodation options in Yiwu and China to suit your budget and needs.

  • Travel advice on how to get to Yiwu from major cities and airports like Hangzhou, Shanghai and Guangzhou

  • Assistance with understanding the Chinese train, bus and taxi systems and practices

Ensure effortless product sourcing and price and quality negotiations with experienced Chinese negotiators.

  • Free pickups from your hotel to the Yiwu Wholesale Market

  • Free translation and communication assistance to ensure effective accurate negotiations

  • Assistance with factory visits and recording of orders and quotes

  • Creating customer catalogues of products inspected and quotes received

Yiwu Market Agent
Yiwu Market Agent

Seamless implementation of your wholesale product inspection, logistics and shipping.

  • Arrange documentation and proforma invoices for payment

  • Confirm orders and contract with suppliers

  • Collect products from multiple suppliers

  • Control quality and quantity (size, color, language, package etc)

  • Arrange loading & shipping after customers’ confirmation

  • Prepare shipping documents (Commercial Invoice, Packing List and Bill Of Lading) 

  • Custom clearance assistance

You Ask, We Answer.

Yiwu is the largest wholesale market in the world. You can have one stop shopping of all kinds of products here.

The whole Yiwu market composed of 5 different districts but is connected together and built up one huge building. In the market, there are more than 70, 000 shops which are displaying millions of products all year-round. If you are staying in each shop for 5 minutes and every day 8 hours fully, you need more than 2 years there.

And products in the market are coming from all over China. There are factories and distributors. It takes time to recognize them, but you don’t have to waste time to find them from different parts of China.

You can buy a small quantity from this market. Let’s say quantity from 50pcs, 100pcs, 200pcs are possible.

You can mix hundreds of products into one container.

The delivery time here is quick if you are buying a small quantity and if the suppliers have ready-made products in their warehouse. They can normally deliver the order in 3-5 days.

You can brand your products easily. Suppliers here are willing to help you brand your products if your quantity can reach their MOQ (Minimum Ordering Quantity).

We highly recommend traveling to Yiwu if you are new to buying from China. The Yiwu market is unmatched in its size and variety of products. It is a great place for new buyers to develop ideas on how to start buying from China and it is a great introduction to China and its many manufacturers. And one of the greatest benefits of the Yiwu Market is that you can buy small quantities of products to test the market.

Both wholesalers and retailers are suited to the Yiwu Market. The market offers one-stop shopping in a central location where you can purchase smaller than usual quantities as well as establishing relationships for larger wholesale orders. Yiwu market is great for buyers who want to mix a wide range of products in one container as well.

If you own a retail store or a dollar/euro shop, Yiwu market is also a great choice as it has a huge variety of cheap items. While the Yiwu Market is well known for products of medium and lower-end quality, it offers an enormous range of high-quality products as well.

If you want to visit Yiwu Markets we suggest a minimum stay of 3-5 days. One week is required if you are looking for a large variety of products. To save time, we strongly recommend preparing a list of products to be sourced before your coming.

Yiwu market is open from 8 am-5 pm every day. It’s open all year round except the Chinese New Year which is according to the lunar calendar. No matter it’s Saturday, Sunday, or national holiday, you are able to visit.

Prices quoted from Yiwu suppliers are EXW price. As customers are usually not sure how many they will buy and quantity is small most of the time, it’s hard for suppliers to quote extra transportation fees and other fees. EXW price is much easier for them. They just need to deliver the goods to the places you indicated, then they can get paid.

Every shop in Yiwu market, it has a certain MOQ. Even you can buy a small quantity for a single item, the supplier will also ask you to buy more variations. If the order does not meet the MOQ, they are not willing to send the products to the warehouse. And they will charge a small amount of transportation cost. In district one, there are also shops selling toys in retail. A lot of clients buy gifts from there when they finish the wholesale purchasing.

First, suppliers in Yiwu market do not speak fluent English. In business, it’s very important if we can understand each other.

Second, Yiwu market suppliers normally quote EXW price, it’s little hard for you to handle them from consolidation, inspection and shipping arrangements. A Yiwu agent can help you with the warehouse work, inspect the goods when suppliers delivered.

Third, Yiwu export agent can help a lot like consolidation of orders, an inspection of the quality and quantity, control of the delivery time and arrange to ship. Even they can help you fix some issues once found in the delivery.

Forth, Yiwu market agent can also help you with reorder or new offer even you are not coming. If not necessary, you don’t have to travel frequently. Save your time and money. Yiwu agent service can greatly save your time and money.

Most suppliers are not willing to sell samples. They claim that it’s taking too much time to bring samples from the factory to the market showroom. Some of them would charge twice or even triple times to sell a sample.

If you are buying ready-made products or stock items, suppliers from Yiwu amrket could delivery in 3-5 days. If it’s a manufacturing order, it’ll take more than 20 days.

The Yiwu market is worldwide famous. Even Yiwu is a county-level city, transportation is very convenient. Airport and high-speed train station are only 10 km away from the city center.

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