Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ship orders?2019-05-11T15:33:16+00:00

Orders will be shipped by EUB primarily. Depends on customers requirements on delivery time. We have cooperation with many forwarders.

When do you charge shipping cost?2019-05-27T11:29:55+00:00

Shipping cost will be charged at the end of each week according to orders shipped.

When do you charge handling cost?2019-05-27T11:31:02+00:00

Handling cost which is the pick and pack cost will be charged together with the shipping cost at the end of each week.

What does the parcel cost include?2019-05-27T11:32:22+00:00

The parcel cost is divided according to the order volume per week. More orders you have per month, cheaper fulfillment cost you will have. For example, if your orders are less than 100 pcs per week, we will charge one time cost 1.2 USD per order to handle the whole process. The cost includes products sourcing, buy from the suppliers in MOQ and pay for the suppliers, warehouse the products, pick and pack the orders, free shipping OPP bags.

How to use our dropshipping service?2019-05-27T11:34:41+00:00

To use our Dropshipping service, you just need to contact our sales representative. And get your current inventory move into our warehouse or use our sourcing service to buy the products in directly. We will set up an account for you and connect your store with our ERP system. Our ERP system can help you manage the orders and inventory.

Who should come to Yiwu Markets? How long do you need to stay?2018-12-01T04:26:38+00:00

Do you need to come all the way to Yiwu? If so, how long do you need?

We highly recommend travelling to Yiwu if you are new to buying from China. The Yiwu market is unmatched in its size and variety of products. It is a great place for new buyers to develop ideas on how to start buying from China and it is a great introduction to China and its many manufacturers. And one of the greatest benefits of the Yiwu Market is that you can buy small quantities of products to test the market.

Both wholesalers and retailers are suited to the Yiwu Market. The market offers one stop shopping in a central location where you can purchase smaller than usual quantities as well as establishing relationships for larger wholesale orders. Yiwu markets is great for buyers Customer who want to mix a wide range of products in one container as well.

While the Yiwu Markets Yiwu well know for products of medium and lower end quality, it offers an enormous range of high quality products as well.

If you want to visit Yiwu Markets we suggest a minimum stay of 3-5 days. We strongly recommend preparing a list of products of interest before you come to save time.

If I already have the suppliers information, can you still help me finish the process? Would the commission be lower?2018-12-03T21:46:11+00:00

Yes, we can help you with the whole sourcing process even if you have already found your perfect supplier. Because the hard work really only starts once you find a supplier we charge the same commission.


However, we guarantee that our reasonable commissions and high level of service provided still make us the most sensible choice.

When can I get the details of the supplier or factory?2018-12-04T10:41:40+00:00

Our sourcing service fee is free, but we only provide product details in the price offering. When you make an order with us we will provide you with the details of the factory or supplier.

However, if you just want us to source suppliers and deal with suppliers yourself, we will happily find and share factory and supplier information on that basis. We charge a sourcing fee of US$100/factory information.

Do you have a minimum buying value?2018-12-03T22:00:09+00:00

No, we don’t really have a minimum buying value. However, our commissions are higher for small orders. Therefore, higher quantity orders incur lower sourcing fees. It is also easier to negotiate lower product prices with larger quantity orders. We recommend a starting point of at least US$3,00 to US$5,000.

Can you lower the commission?2019-06-03T11:46:02+00:00

No, the commission cannot be lowered. From the system, the minimum commission is 100 USD.

Do you only deal with Amazon sellers?2018-12-03T22:04:41+00:00

No, we do not only deal with Amazon sellers. We have helped all types of buyers from around the world including wholesalers and online or offline retailers.

We have developed specialist expertise with servicing the specific needs of Amazon Sellers searching for specialised products and requiring particular packaging and logistics needs. However, our services are suitable for all buyers. If you are uncertain about your fit with our company, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to talk about your particular needs.

What service does your commission include exactly? And what else can you do?2018-12-03T22:07:47+00:00

Our commission includes services from products sourcing, dealing with the suppliers, follow and control the delivery time, consolidate and warehouse the products, product inspection and shipping arrangements.

Our commission includes random quality inspection and checking. We will check 10% of the order and come to you with quality control report. Well, we can also do full inspection of every pc of the order, but we have a separate charge for that. Either it is US$0.16/pc or US$300/Man Day.

We can also arrange the product prep. This part of service need to be charges separately as well. As different customers have different requirements. For example, we can do the labeling or stickers for US$0.09/pc and bundling for US$0.25/bundle. For details please check our pricing system.

Is there a specific area of China that your agency has more experience sourcing? Or are you familiar with all parts of China?2018-11-21T07:31:10+00:00

We are located in Yiwu, but we don’t only source from Yiwu. We are familiar with most parts of China depending on the products. For instance, kitchenware from Yangjiang, hareware from Yongkang, umbrellas from Shangyu, plastics items from Taizhou, home appliances from Ningbo and Cixi, office chairs from Anji and Hebei, textiles and fabrics from Nantong and Keqiao, sanitary items from Foshan and so on.

Which product categories do you source most frequently?2018-11-21T07:30:05+00:00

Products we deal most frequently include home appliance, kitchenware, hardware & tools, office supplies, outdoor and sports items and so on. I.e, we can source most of the products, except some dangerous items like chemicals or liquid, or some large equipment.

What is your pricing system? Commission or fixed price?2019-06-03T11:45:51+00:00

We charge customers commission based on the order value. For details please check our pricing system. Well, we could also offer customer a price of EXW or FOB. In this case, we are more like the direct supplier.

Besides commission do I have to pay other extra costs?2018-11-21T07:28:40+00:00

Yes, the commission is just our service fee. You have to pay other extra costs like inland transportation fee, shipping fee, documentation fee. This will depend on the inco-term, EXW, FOB, CIF, CNF, or Air-freight.

What is the average time we should expect to get results after submitting a buy brief to your agency?2018-11-21T07:27:18+00:00

On average we can revert back to our customers within 2-3 working days. If the products are common and not many or you need urgently, 1 day is enough as well.

Will your agency be able to visit the factories before/during production? How often?2018-11-21T07:26:22+00:00

Simply speaking, we can visit factory if there is demand from the customer or the order is quite big and we have to make sure the factory is capable of.

Normally the factories will deliver the goods to us and we do the inspection in our warehouse. It’s to avoid situation that the goods are good in the factory when we visit but bad or broken when delivered to our warehouse. If some products you have special requirements upon, we can go to the factory in the middle of the production. Usually to ensure the process in production, we contact the factories frequently to keep us informed.

How often will we receive a progress report or status update on production?2018-11-21T07:25:35+00:00

Usually every week we will inform customers the production status, by checking with the factory, sending production pictures etc.

How do you determine if a supplier has good quality standards?2018-11-21T07:25:01+00:00

First, we need to understand the factory’s capability, where they get the raw material, how they produce, how they manage the production line, who they are using to produce etc.

Second, we could check what kind of certifications they can offer.

Third, we could check where do they sell. If they mainly sell to Europe and USA, quality normally not bad.

Forth, we could check the reviews from their customers.

Does your agency do quality inspections by yourselves?2018-11-21T07:24:10+00:00

Does your agency do quality inspections by yourselves? How do you do the quality control? Or do you hand off quality inspections to a specialized third-party? Will we be getting a quality report for every order?

Yes, we do the inspection ourselves if they are general merchandise. The commission include 10% products inspection. We also can check all products piece by piece. The fee will be around US$0.16 per piece. For samples, we will have a sample testing report. For bulk production we will have an inspection report as well. But of course, there are times that we might not be as professional as a third party. If you need professional inspection/test report, we also have few cooperated third-parties there.

Does your agency offer any guarantees?2018-11-21T07:22:56+00:00

Does your agency offer any guarantees in case a supplier is dishonest or delivers poor products? Or if a supplier is late on a purchase order?

For every order, we will sign contract with the suppliers in the name of our company. The contract is legally protected here in China. We will stipulate the quality requirements and the delivery time etc. If anything goes wrong with the quality or delivery time, we have the right to cancel the order and claim compensation.

Why Minden Intl?2018-11-21T07:21:57+00:00

Why Minden Intl?

Who is Minden Intl? Why do we choose Minden Intl rather than other companies?

Minden Intl is a sourcing company registered and located in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province in 2016. We had around 10 experienced team members even the company is young. We are a team of likeminded people dreaming to business with the world. We developed a complete buying solution service for wholesalers and retailers. Or we could call it the ONE STOP BUYING SOLUTION from China, which includes products sourcing, product prep, quality inspection and multiple channel shipping services.

Why do we choose Minden Intl rather than other companies?

We Enjoy it. We really enjoy what we are doing. Meeting customers from around the world, learning their culture and customs, helping on their buying, making money right behind them, we like the feeling.

We are professional. Except enjoying it, we also know what we are doing. From the products sourcing, product prep, product inspection to the final shipping, we walk you through it.

We are fast. We enjoy it and we know it, so we make it fast. In the international business, fast responding and communication is the key point. You cannot imagine what suffers if you can’t get any response from the other end of the world with 10 more hours’ time difference.

We are honest. We are honest with our customers what is going on here. We don’t hide the truth and we are not afraid of communication.

We are reliable. We work more like your office here in China. We want to help you develop and expand the business. We don’t take any black commission from suppliers or factories.

What is LCL and FCL?2018-11-21T07:21:06+00:00

LCL means Less Than One Container Load. For example, customers coming to Yiwu market, as they want to buy small quantity. So most of the time, their products cannot fill on full container. In this case, we can do LCL for you. Still you can do sea shipping, but you have to share the container with other customer.

FCL means Full Container Load. Simply speaking, your products will be filled into one container exclusively. FCL is easier and it can actually lower down your unit shipping cost.

What is your procedure for sourcing goods? Do you have a step by step process?2018-11-21T07:16:25+00:00

The procedures are very easy. It’s great if you can have a clear mind of what you want to source.

We start from your inquiry, you could send us as much details as you can. For example, the pictures, products links or even samples.

Upon receiving the inquiry, we will transfer the details to our sourcing team. We will integrate all the results into a price list and send to you with images, descriptions and so on. If you are interested in some of the items, we can start with samples. For samples we don’t charge you any commission. Sometimes, you might need to pay the sample fee yourself because some suppliers don’t offer samples for free. Click here to have a glance of the full procedures of working with Minden Intl.

What is your payment term?2018-11-21T07:15:32+00:00

Our payment term is 30% deposit and 70% before shipping.

We mainly accept USD, Euro, GBP. Payment can be via Paypal if it’s small amount. Otherwise, we prefer bank transfer.

What are the prices quoted from Yiwu suppliers?2018-11-21T07:14:53+00:00

Prices quoted from Yiwu suppliers are EXW price. As customers are usually not sure how many they will buy and quantity is small most of the time, it’s hard for suppliers quote extra transportation fee and other fees. EXW price is much easier for them. They just need to deliver the goods to the places you indicated, then finish.

Why Yiwu?2018-11-21T07:13:18+00:00

Why Yiwu?

Yiwu is the largest wholesale market in the world. You can have one stop shopping of all kinds of products here.

The whole Yiwu market composed of 5 different districts but are connected together and built up one huge building.

In the market, there are more than 70, 000 shops which are displaying millions of products all a year round. If you are staying in each shop for 5 minutes and every day 8 hours fully, you need more than 2 years there.

In the market, products are coming from all over China. They are factories and distributors. It takes time to recognize them, but you don’t have to waste time to find them from different part of China.

You can buy small quantity from this market. Let’s say quantity from 50pcs, 100pcs, 200pcs are possible.

You can mix hundreds of products into one container.

The delivery time here is quick if you are buying small quantity and if the suppliers have ready made products in their warehouse. They can normally deliver the order in 3-5 days.

You can brand your products easily. Suppliers here are willing to help you brand your products if your quantity can reach their MOQ (Minimum Ordering Quantity).

Why do I need an agent in Yiwu?2018-11-21T07:12:12+00:00

Why do I need an agent in Yiwu?

First, suppliers in Yiwu market do not speak fluent English. In business, it’s very important if we can understand each other.

Second, Yiwu market suppliers normally quote EXW price, it’s little hard for you to handle them from consolidation, inspection and shipping arrangements. Agent can help you with the warehouse work, inspect the goods when suppliers delivered.

Third, agents can help a lot when you go back to your country. They can control the delivery time and other dealing with the suppliers.

Forth, agent can also help you with reorder or new offer even you are not coming. If not necessary, you don’t have to travel so long. Save your time and money.

What if our order is too small to afford $200?2018-11-21T07:09:27+00:00

Considering that there are too many new and small sellers, our charge of 200US$ is a bit high for everyone. Minden Intl. decided to subdivide the charges. This will not put too much pressure on new and small sellers. Please refer to the details below.

1, Sourcing.

We charge 19US$ per product for sourcing with offering the product details and reasonable price. Payment will be upon receiving our offer.

2, Buying samples.

We will help you get samples from suppliers ordered and collected and shipped. In this step, 19US$ will be charged but without shipping cost. Payment shall be along with sample cost and sample shipping cost.

3, Ordering.

This stage we have to see how much you are gonna order. In the very beginning, we assume the order value is less than 1,000US$. 49 US$ will be charged for ordering and receiving the products. Also within this charge, we will randomly check few units of the products. And we could offer a shipping quote for your comparison. Prices for labeling and full inspection are stated below.

4, Labeling.

0.09US$ per piece of labeling cost will be charged the whole order. For Example, your order quantity is 100pieces, so the labeling cost will be 100*0.09=9US$.

5, Inspection.

0.16US$ per piece will be charged for piece by piece full inspection.. For Example, your order quantity is 100pieces, so the inspection fee is 100*0.16=16US$.

What is your service with 1688.com2018-11-21T07:07:04+00:00

Buying from 1688.com, there are a lot of difficulties. How can Minden Intl help  on your buying from 1688.com?

There are more and more customers known about 1688.com. It’s more likely for us to find real factories and better price from 1688.com. But as a foreigner, there are still many difficulties of buying from 1688.com. For example, can not be sure about the products quality, can not deal with the supplier directly because of the payment issue, can not collect the products and inspect the quality and quantity, have problems arrange the shipping later. Don’t worry now. Minden Intl can help deal with the suppliers from 1688.com on your behalf.

Sourcing the Products. We will assist our customers sourcing products from 1688.com first. If you know 1688.com a little bit, you can actually find the products you want easily with the help with google translate. You can send us the products link directly and let us help  on the later procedures. If you don’t want to waste time on that, let us know the products details and we will find the products from 1688 and offer you the price. So in this step we will help you on the sourcing of products from 1688.com.

Confirming the Quality. After the first step, it’s very important to confirm the products quality with you. We suggest you to buy samples from the supplier either sourced by yourself or by us. We can help buy that and send to you to confirm.

Ordering the Products. After confirming the quality, you must be more confident in buying the products. We will talk with you further to confirm the final purchasing order. In this step, we will work on your behalf to deal with the suppliers. As the suppliers from 1688.com don’t  accept foreign currency, credit card or Paypal. So you only need to pay us and we will pay different suppliers. And the suppliers always request around 30% deposit and 70% before they ship the products, so our payment term will be the same like theirs.

Following the Delivery and Collecting the orders. After the ordering, we will follow the delivery and collect orders from suppliers. We will inform you about the schedule of the delivery. Suppliers will send the products to indicated warehouse location once they have the products ready. They normally send by courier or in-country logistics. For us, we will be waiting them and collect them into our warehouse. As 1688.com support buyers to return the goods if we found anything unsatisfied when the goods were received. So it’s very important for us to do the inspection and make the decision of refusing or accepting. For all of those, we will keep you informed. For some orders, if you have special demand, we can also go to factory and do the inspection.

Product Prep. After the collection and inspection of goods, we could arrange some extra service, such as stickers, hangtags, labels, bundling and so on. But this part of service will be charged separately. For the details, PLS check our pricing system.

 Shipping the Products. After all up mentioned procedures, we can arrange transportation or shipping from our warehouse to your indicated destination either it’s your shipping agent in China or your local port.

Those are the steps how we can help you buying from 1688.com. Also those are the steps how we can help you buying from China. For the whole process of service, we charge you the commission based on your order value. You can go check the details from the pricing system mentioned above. For more questions, you can also send us inquiry via our contact page.


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