When it comes to finding the “Wholesale Jewelry Websites & Suppliers in China,” then you’ve tons of options to choose from. In this article, we have decided to share the names and details of 6 Best Wholesale jewelry websites & suppliers in China.

Why wholesale fashion jewelry online?

Jewelry is always considered as “Heavy Investment” to start with, and if you want to earn “Big Bucks Online,” then finding a personalized jeweler and consider buying jewelry from them at wholesale prices is the way to go.

There have been many online successful retailers that are earning “More than enough” from their online jewelry business by focusing on “Trends, fashion and unexpected demands of the clients.”

Availing the big opportunities in life always leads you to success, and guess what? If you fulfill the demand of the “fashion industry,” you can not only sell the jewelry at the large quantity, but you’ll end up getting “Huge Profit.” But the only condition is “Building the name of your brand first.”

There are many brands like “Cartier, Tiffany & Co, etc. are earning “Tremendously well” because they never compromised on the quality and fulfilling the demands of the “targeted audience.”

If you’re selling “Jewelry” and “Fashion Related Items” at reasonable prices with great quality, then there are chances that you end up building your brand name and profit.

It’s not always about providing your customers with “Great Quality,” you’ve to look for the “Marketing Tactics” to become the next big thing in the Jewelry industry.

Additionally, you can sell your jewelry on social media websites like; Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and twitter because there are millions of active users that are willing to make your sales growth dream come true.

Now, it’s time to discuss six best wholesale Jewelry Websites & Suppliers in China and enlighten you about “What are they dealing with.”

Here’s the table containing important information regarding the best wholesale Jewelry Websites.

BrandExperienceMinimum OrderShippingProcessing Time
China Brands7 YearsNo minimumWorldwide24 Hours
JewelryBund8 Years$80.00Worldwide2-5 Working Days
Alibaba19 Years$10.00Worldwide5-7 Days
AliExpress8 YearsNo Minimum39 Countries7-15 Days
Nihaojewelry28 Years$100.00Worldwide3-8 Days
GetsNot SpecifiedDepends on ProductWorldwide1-7 Working Days


Chinabrands is one of the most trusted and important wholesale jewelry suppliers in China because they focus on worldwide delivery as well as drop shipping.

If you’re looking for a prestigious company to compete with the “Demand of your targeted audience,” then Chinabrands has you covered. Whether you’ve got a demand in bulk or you just want drop shipping to resell, then Chinabrands can be your best companion in the long-run to fulfill all your wholesale needs.

They have more than a million products to deal with, and more than 10 thousand suppliers in almost every category they are dealing with. Following are the categories that they are dealing with:

  • Health and Beauty
  • Clothing Apparel
  • Outdoor Items
  • Sport Items
  • And a lot more

They provide you everything at reasonable prices, and that’s why they are the first choice for a lot of buyers.


JewelryBund is an extremely professional and reputable business for manufacturing and selling jewelry accessories. They offer their buyers with thousands of “Jewelry Products” around the globe. They are constantly eyeing on the market to fulfill the needs and wants of their audience by pointing out “New Fashion” and “Trends of Western and Korean Jewelry accessories.”

The marketing team of JewelryBund updates the new fashion and jewelry items in a timely manner so that customers don’t have to go elsewhere to find “Unique and Attractive Accessories.”

They have more than three factories in China for the latest fashion jewelry productions. Therefore, you can get your desired products from this online website by exploring thousands of items.


There’s hardly anyone on the internet who’s unaware of the name “Alibaba.” It is one of the leading platforms for global wholesale trade that was launched in 1999. Till now, they have served more than millions of buyers and suppliers around the globe.

They “executed their plans” with an aim “make business easy for everyone.” They have a lot of suppliers, and they are helping their suppliers with every possible tool to reach out to their global audience. Also, they are focusing more on delivering the product as quickly as possible.

You can explore hundreds of millions of products with more than 50 categories, including fashion and clothing.


AliExpress is another retail service based in China that was launched in 2010, and they have branches all over the world, including China, Singapore, Malaysia, and a lot more.

You can explore their website for “Jewelry products,” and it’s easy for small businesses because you can find almost everything for sale on AliExpress.


Nihaojewelry has its own factory, and that’s why they accept custom designs on their online platform. They can deliver you “Your Products” as quickly as possible, and this will save you money and time as well.

When talking about the quality of their products, then “Its second to none” because they have special inspectors to control the quality of the products.

Additionally, then have links with some of the best jewelry brands around the globe, and you can expect almost everything related to “Hottest Fashion Trends, Unique, and Classic Styles.”

So, if you want to deal with “Jewelry Products,” then there’s no better option than Nihaojewelry for you.


Gets was founded in 2000, and since then, they have started rolling in the hearts of the buyers because they never compromise on “Quality.”

They are experts in producing; Jewelry, beads, rhinestones, glass beads, Pearls, Precious Stones, European jewelry, and a lot more.

As a professional jewelry company, it has more than six departments, 1800 employees and 150 technicians. Therefore they can guarantee customer satisfaction, reasonable prices, and fast delivery.

So, that’s all from the topic “6 Best Wholesale Jewelry Websites & Suppliers in China,” and we are hopeful that you’ve liked the content. Have any questions? Feel free to comment down below.