It is a known fact that China continues to dominate world trade. Since 2009, it has ranked the world’s largest exporter of goods, while it took over the United States in 2013 as the largest trading nation in the world. Market-oriented economic development has enabled China to achieve this feat.

Many questions arise in one’s mind while importing products from China. A few questions may pop up in the minds of importers, whether they are individuals or organizations:

  • What are the best products to import from China?
  • What are the most profitable products to import from China?

These questions are probably tough to answer as different people have different answers according to their life experiences and the nature of work. One can’t point out a particular product or number of products but could share some ideas regarding which products might be useful to import.

China has successfully designated itself as an ultimate global manufacturing hub over the past years. There is a strategy to be followed by the importers by researching for profitable products from China, buying them, and then further selling them on different available platforms.

Variety of Products that can be imported from China

One can categorize the products depending on how cheap the products are in accordance with their novelty and their usefulness. After doing market research, looking for a suitable product for which the business has been planned, and the most important aspect is to find good suppliers.

Low-cost or cheap products to import from China

The import of low cost or cheap products might be feasible for those individuals, who are starting up a new business, as these products indicate high-profit margins. A small investment will also mean that there will be a low risk for the investor on the product he/she is aiming to import.


China is one of the top manufacturers and exporters of pens in the world. There is a wide variety of pens available to be imported; these could be ball pens, the fountain pens, the ones made up of plastic, and also metal pens. Other varieties include the creative and capacitive pen.

Customized pens are also gaining a lot of popularity as most of the importers who procure promotional pens have custom requirements. China’s pen market in Yiwu is a place to find a reliable supplier. Yiwu is the largest pen market and hence can fulfill the purchasing needs.


One of the low-cost Chinese products to import is a T-shirt. Depending on the customer, the products range from high quality to the lower ones. One can purchase from overstock market also at a very low price. Customized T-shirts have a logo printed according to customer’s requirements.


As sunglasses are a fashion symbol; therefore, the Chinese market offers a massive variety for this product. The variety ranges from typical plastic frame to metal frame, and hence as compared to the rest of the world, Chinese sunglasses are cheapest and of good quality.

Children toys

Every kid would love to have a toy in his possession, prompting the parent to buy a toy for the kid. Chinese manufacturers produce both retail and wholesale toys both in the local and international markets. These toys are suitable to earn big in the market.

Mobile phone accessories

There are a number of mobile phone accessories that customers always look for, as the consequent release of new phones and accessories can be seen in the market. These include the protector glass, mobile phone casing, car phone holder, etc.

Importing mobile phone accessories can also be a safe choice as there is not much risk regarding the quality of the product. China has become a great place to import mobile phone accessories, a large number of phone companies in the world manufacture in China.

Pet Supplies

There is a great demand for pet supplies all over the world. The Chinese pet supplies include cat/dog sofas, cat trees, pet textiles/shoes, pet cages, pet grooming brushes, different pet cleaning products, dog leash, pet toys, pet feeding equipment, and pet travel accessories.

While a supplier may produce items in two or a maximum of three categories, there are now many pet product manufacturers that offer to provide all types of pet products. Among the pet supplies, the importer would have to choose which product they are likely to buy.

Importing innovative products from China

Innovate products are usually unique and creative products, and China is among the leaders in manufacturing such products. Designing & developing technologically advanced products with extensive availability, experience & competitive production cost gives China edge over the rest of the world.

Smart Backpack

It is a bag that is equipped with a USB interface or a battery. It is waterproof, has anti-theft features, and has more storage capacity. This multifunctional bag has become a trend and makes traveling more convenient, though these backpacks have a higher price than regular ones.

Eco-friendly water bottle

A recent shift in momentum has seen many people moving away from regular plastic disposable bottles. The eco-friendly water bottles have gained popularity, and the importance and demand for such water bottles have increased over the years in high numbers.

Outdoor play tents

A wide variety of outdoor playing tents is available for kids that could be imported from the manufacturers in China. The beach tents, kids’ playhouse, the space castle tents, kids’ tunnel, etc. are always trending products and have a massive demand.

While purchasing tents, a careful selection of style and color scheme is necessary that will make it attractive for children in that area where the product is to be imported. The customized tent designs are also available, and this product has a lot of competition in the Chinese market.


China’s umbrella industry has some leading manufacturers in the world. The products include straight umbrellas, reverse inverted umbrellas, folding umbrellas, golf umbrellas, beach umbrellas, and patio umbrellas. Different colors and styles are offered at very competitive prices.

Importing conventional Chinese products

Most conventional products are the ones that are ignored by people as they strive to look for novel ones. The innovative products are at of much higher risk while in competition; as compared to the conventional products, the risk is relatively small.

Photo frame

The photo frame is one of the examples of conventional Chinese products. It is one of the products that lie in the home decoration category, though the home decoration is a vast field and covers too many dimensions. The range of photo frames goes from plastic, metal to wood styles.

Small Kitchen items

People want everything at their convenience, especially in the kitchen. Different kitchen gadgets such as garlic press, vegetable slicer, apple slicer & apple peeler, etc. are quite popular as they are cheap & easy to use. For a lower price, these products must be imported in mass numbers.

Moving or lifting straps

These straps are used when moving or lifting any heavy object. This product was introduced for production in 2016, though many countries don’t use these straps. The price and quality of these products depend upon manufacturers to manufacturers.

As there is a wide variety regarding the quality of these products, therefore careful research is required though, especially for non-professionals who are to buy these products. A good sourcing agent, in this case, might be helpful who can find good quality and low price.