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The Yiwu International Market is a brilliant introduction to wholesale product exporting from China

This ultimate free Yiwu Market guide is lengthy. Need a Yiwu Market Agent? Take your time and use the table of contents at the left sidebar to navigate. Thinking about sourcing from China’s wholesale market to your country? When doing research for this, you must have come across Yiwu Market. It is the biggest wholesale market where you can get quality stuff without spending too much money.

If you have never been to China or don’t have too much experience, then there is a lot you should know in terms of quality and how to deal with the suppliers in Yiwu Market. Since it is a huge international wholesale market, you will need to spend a few days before you buy what you want. (Another related post: Yiwu Market VS 1688.com)


1. Introduction of Yiwu and Yiwu Market

Before you book your plane ticket to China, make sure you read through this whole guide so that when you actually shop at Yiwu market, you have a smooth and successful experience. Get to know about the city and how you can navigate your way around it. Also, find out if you’ll find what you are looking for at the market, how you can ensure the quality of the products, and things you must take care of before buying anything in this detailed guide.

1.1 Introduction of Yiwu

Yiwu Location

Yiwu Location

Yiwu is a multicultural city located in the central Zhejiang Province, close to China’s central eastern coast, making it close to Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port. The city is most famous for its wholesale commodity center and vibrant market which is considered to be a regional tourist destination.

Yiwu has developed various public facilities such as amusement places, convenient transportation, and star-rated hotels. Every year, the city attracts numerous businessmen from all over the world.

1.2: Overview of the Yiwu Market

Essentially, Yiwu is a multicultural city that attracts over 50,000 foreign procurers that visit the market each year in hopes of developing their business. Similarly, more than 14,000 foreign businessmen from over 100 countries live in the city. All these people primarily come to take part in the world’s biggest wholesale market: the Yiwu Wholesale Market.

In this market, you will find a wide range of products with over 75,000 booths exhibiting an array of products. Thus, it can be said that Yiwu is more like a fair instead of a market. The only difference between Yiwu and other open fairs is the fact that Yiwu is open throughout the year except at the time of the Spring Festival.

The suppliers you’ll find in this market are from all across China. They might have their factories in Yiwu, or they might be other cities like Zhuji, Ningbo, Taizhou, Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. Since the suppliers are concentrated in the markets for sales, it becomes easier for the customers to make centralized purchases.

When it comes to the kinds of things you can find there; the most prominent and strongest industries include shoes, ribbons, needles, zippers, crafts, socks, office supplies, glasses, electrical supplies, toys, jewelry, and hardware. You can also find petty items like hair clips and straws wholesaled in bulks. Since Yiwu market is the largest small commodities market, you can expect to get things at a relatively cheaper price.

2. Facts & Figures of Yiwu Market

  • The market started in 1982

  • The market covers over 17 main industries that include more than 9000 sub-industries and over 420,000 different products

  • It is spread over 5.5 million square meters

  • Has more than 75,000 shops

  • It is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm

  • Every day, there are more than 210,000 employees present in the market

  • Over 210,000 people visit the market daily

  • Products from the markets are exported to 219 countries.

  • Each year, about 570,000 standard containers are exported

  • The market has 14,000 permanent foreign buyers

  • The total sales per year the market makes is roughly US $15 billion.

3. Yiwu Market Districts and Products

The layout of the Yiwu Market is quite impressive. The wholesale market essentially has five main districts, and each district has three to five floors. All five districts are connected such that you can go from one of the districts to the other four without actually leaving the building.

The Yiwu wholesale market is considered to be the best in the world primarily because no other wholesale market is as well-planned as this one. All the areas are further divided based on the category of the products.

Here is a breakdown of all the five districts so that you know beforehand which district is your main area of focus.

3.1 Yiwu Market District 1

Sourcing from China Yiwu Market District One

Sourcing from China Yiwu Market District One

District 1 comprises 4 floors and is based on a total area of about 340,000 meter square. It hosts more than 10,500 shop fronts, and cargo lifts and escalators connect all the floors. Inside District 1, you will also find vending machines, fast-serving restaurants as well as banks. Burger King, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut are placed right in front of the District 1 building. Moreover, you can’t use international credit cards as vendors prefer cash.
The products are divided into four floors in the following manner:

  • 1st floor: Various kinds of toys including plush, electric, common, and inflatable toys as well as artificial flowers and flower accessories.

  • 2nd floor: Head ornaments and jewelry

  • 3rd floor: Jewelry and ornament accessories, arts and crafts, picture frames, crystals and porcelain, and festival, decoration, and tourism craft.

  • 4th floor: Factory outlets.

3.2 Yiwu Market District 2

Sourcing from China Yiwu Market District Two

Sourcing from China Yiwu Market District Two

District 2 is a 5 storey building, spread over an area of more than 600,000 meter square. Just from the first floor to the third floor, you will find more than 10,000 shop fronts.

Just like district one, the second district also has restaurants and banks. The products in this district are divided as follows:

  • 1st floor: Industries of suitcases and bags, school bags, plastic and poly bags, shopping bags, umbrellas, package bags, rain capes, and other rainwear.

  • 2nd floor: Electrical accessories, vehicles, hardware tools, and fittings, and locks.

  • 3rd floor: Home appliances, kitchen & bath, shaver, telecommunication appliances, electric instrument, clocks and watches, batteries and flashlights.

  • 4th floor: The 4th floor is basically a pavilion and contains big showrooms as well as the Sichuan Mall, South Korean Mall, and Hong Kong mall.

3.3 Yiwu Market District 3

Sourcing from China Yiwu Market District Three

Sourcing from China Yiwu Market District Three

Another 5-floor building, the third district has an area of about 460,000 meters square and has more than 7000 shop fronts. In district three, you will also find different industries put into separate floors. Here is a breakdown of the floors:

  • 1st floor: The first floor is dedicated to stationary and office products, and you will find paper articles, inks, and glasses here.

  • 2nd floor: Apart from office supplies and stationery products, there is also a section for sporting articles.

  • 3rd floor: Here, you will find factory outlets for zippers, sporting articles, and other accessories along with a small section for cosmetics.

  • 4th floor: Apart from a dedicated section for cosmetics and beauty, there is a small section for clothing accessories.

  • 5th floor: This floor is dedicated to imported commodities mall.

3.4 Yiwu Market District 4

Sourcing from China Yiwu Market District Four

Sourcing from China Yiwu Market District Four

The 4th district is focused more on textile product and has a total area of 1,008,000 meters square containing more than 19,000 shops. There are four floors, and these are divided as follows:

  • 1st floor: Socks

  • 2nd floor: General products for daily use, supermarket products, gloves, knitting products, and hats.

  • 3rd floor: The 3rd floor is dedicated to textile accessories like buckles, laces, shoes, threads, ribbons, sewing tape, wool yarn, towels, and neckties.

  • 4th floor: Belt, shawls, bras and underwear, and scarf.

3.5 Yiwu Market District 5

Sourcing from China Yiwu Market District Five

Sourcing from China Yiwu Market District Five

District 5 is the most recent addition to the market. It has 5 floors and is spread over 640,000 meter square with more than 7,000 shops. The floor plan of this district is as follows:

  • 1st floor: Contains imported products, jewelry and handcrafts, the Africa products exhibition centers, articles of regular use, clothing and hats, health care products, and food.

  • 2nd floor: Bedding, DIY products, and Chinese Knot

  • 3rd floor: Textile raw materials, curtains, knitting raw materials, and needle weaver fabrics.

  • 4th floor: Auto accessories, motorcycle, and car parts, and pet products.

Given the size of the wholesale market, you will find various products of all sizes and shapes ranging from hardware to jewelry. All the items you will find in the market have been mentioned. If you have a hard time believing, book a trip to Yiwu and discover the millions of products available!

4. Who Had Better Source from Yiwu Market?

Yiwu traders are quite famous, and they are friendly towards small buyers. So, if you want off-shelf products that are ready for purchase, but in a small amount, then Yiwu is the right place.

As mentioned earlier, Yiwu can be considered as a one-stop solution for all products; It is the ideal place for purchasing products like toys, bags, decoration items, accessories, watches, daily used items, kitchenware, hardware, and tools, etc.

In many cases, a Yiwu-based supplier can complement your existing suppliers present in China. Many small businesses, particularly e-commerce companies, often need filler products so that their stores don’t appear empty.

There are numerous articles present on the internet which state that Yiwu can only cater to small businesses and that other big cities such as Shenzhen are much better for large orders. However, the truth is, the Yiwu market is a great place if you want to mix hundreds of items into one container. And there are thousands of customers here buying hundreds of containers from the Yiwu market.

All in all, Yiwu is the ideal place for all dollar-store owners, wholesalers, supermarket owners, and shop owners. It is also the perfect place for those that have distributing channels, numerous dollar stores, or a couple of supermarkets for everything as well as for those who own multiple shops for stationary, gifts, and toys.

By purchasing products from the Yiwu market, you will see that you can enjoy high profit. You can sold about 99% of the products displayed in Yiwu market at a price of few times that of their original buying price. Since products at the Yiwu market have cheap prices, you can not only enjoy sufficient profits, but you can also fill up a container with a mixture of various colors and designs.

5. Pros and Cons of Buying from Yiwu Market

It is a known fact that wherever there is some good, you will also find some bad. The good news is, Yiwu has more pros than it has cons. However, judging by various online articles, you will find it hard to believe so. Numerous online websites claim that goods from Yiwu are of low quality and generally not worth it. The truth is, there are numerous respectable sellers that you’ll find at the market. So, if you have been influenced by other articles and are not sure of how advantageous or disadvantageous the market is, here is what you must know:

5.1 Pros of Yiwu Market

Largest wholesale market

“Yiwu market is the world largest wholesale market of general merchandise.” —by United Nations, The World Bank, and Morgan Stanley. People are comparing Yiwu market and Shenzhen market. Can’t say which one is more popular. But here, in Yiwu market, you can find millions of products all under one roof.

Open all-day

As mentioned earlier, Yiwu opens up at 9 am and is open until 5 in the evening. This means millions of products are exhibited throughout the whole day. So, even if you are a little late and go after midday, you will still be able to find a plethora of options

Quality products

You must know that not all of the products being sold at Yiwu Market have been manufactured in Yiwu.  A large population comes to Yiwu for buying products which is why people from many other places also come to Yiwu for selling their products. Regardless of where they have been manufactured, still you can find good quality products in Yiwu Market. Some products are even handmade!

Option to customize products

If you come across a sample you like, you can ask the supplier to customize it for you if you intend to buy the final product in a large quantity.

Large quantities in reasonable prices

At Yiwu, buying the goods in a large quantity is quite easy, and you won’t even have to pay much. You can buy them at reasonably low prices.

Variety of suppliers

Since the Yiwu market has 75,000 booths, there are bound to be numerous suppliers. Thus, in the Yiwu market, you can enjoy zero distance contact with numerous suppliers.

Quick delivery

Once you have finalized the product and have it packaged, you get it quickly shipped to your country. There are many shipment options, and these are discussed below.

Different products in one container

It is not necessary that you purchase a container full of only one kind of product. You can get a container of mixed products too. Similarly, there is no fixed amount for buying a certain product. You can have a container with a smaller amount too.

5.2 Cons of Yiwu Market

There are middlemen, distributors, and factories

Yiwu has different booths, and many of them are owned by individuals while some are factory owned. So, when if you want to buy in a bulk amount, some booths will claim to be factory outlets and they will try selling products at inflated prices only because you are a foreigner. Similarly, you will also have to deal with middlemen and distributors, so you have to be very careful. It is true that differentiating between factories and individuals is difficult, but you just need to be perceptive and ask different booths instead of jumping at the very first offer.

Too many suppliers or products may arouse confusion

Since there are numerous products or suppliers in this large market, you can get confused when it comes to choosing the right supplier or product. It is difficult to determine which supplier is trustworthy and which isn’t.

Quality is of different level

Not every product in one container will have the same quality. Even in one container, there will be slight differences in their qualities, especially when you are buying hundreds of items from multiple suppliers.

Suppliers speak no good English

As mentioned earlier, most suppliers only understand very basic English, so communication can be a problem especially if you have been unable to hire a translator.

Payment, consolidation, inspection, and shipping is an issue for foreign suppliers

Since foreign buyers can not stay long time in Yiwu and they will have to also take care of payment, shipping, inspection, and consolidation, buying from Yiwu can be a hassle for them.

6.  Yiwu Market Buying Agent

When you arrive in Yiwu, you will come across many agents. However, only some large companies have around 200-500 people. In fact, you might even spot thousands of agents with only 5-10 people.

It is crucial to find a good agency from among the hundreds and build a trustworthy relationship with them as long-term cooperation is crucial. If you choose a bad agency for your business, then it can cause irreversible damage to your business.

For this reason, you must find an agency that protects your interests too. Following is a guide about how to find a good Yiwu buying agent.

6.1 Introduction of Yiwu Market Agent

When you go to a booth and ask for the product, you will notice that you can make basic communication with the supplier like asking about the products. Suppliers are able to understand a few of the basic words that can help them do business like price, how much, good, and cheap, etc.

In many cases, you can also get a product you want to see by pointing it out with your finger. The supplier then shows the price of that product on a calculator. Remember, this price is in RMB. As mentioned earlier, make sure you carry RMBs as many suppliers reject US dollars.

If you only intend to buy a small amount which could be taken away, then you will be able to manage on your own. However, if you want a large amount or want to know more about the product like customizing the content, then you will face a problem since sellers only communicate in a simple way. In such a case, it is much better to find a Yiwu Market Guide.

With the help of a Yiwu market agent, you can get help in determining the minimum order quantity, price, CBM per carton, quantity per carton, production time, minimum quantity to customize the packaging and other factors with the suppliers.

A Yiwu buying agent will help you with everything, including the packaging matters. In some cases where your product quantity is small, suppliers may not help with the packaging. In such cases, an agent can get the goods packaged according to your needs. Agents generally charge according to the percentage of the amount you have purchased.

6.2 Services of a Yiwu Market Agent

A Yiwu market agent provides the following services:

  • Issue invitation letter, advise hotel and transportation
  • Yiwu Market guide with translation services, take pictures and notes.
  • Place orders, contract with suppliers, spread payments to multiple suppliers.
  • Control delivery time, consolidate goods and check quality.
  • Organize invoice and packing list, arrange shipping to destination.

6.3 Cost of a Yiwu market agent

In Yiwu, you will come across various ads with many claiming to offer lower than 3% commission. In fact, some ads even state to offer 0% commission. The truth is, these are all misleading ads, and it is just a low-cost marketing strategy used by agencies to attract more customers.

Once you contact the agency, they will give you a list of other service fees. While there is no particular standard, reliable agents do charge roughly 5% to 10% service fee. Choosing a market agent with a low service fee might only cause problems for you.

6.4 How to Choose a Yiwu Market Agent?

You can find a good Yiwu agent, even before you reach the city. Simply search for the term “Yiwu market agent” on Google, and you will see some reputable Yiwu agents in the search results. But not all the results of the agents are worth to deal with. If you are already in Yiwu, then you will spot numerous advertisements for market agents in various places like the train station, airport, and hotel entrance. You can pick one of those too.

The right market agent will help the buyer to make a good business decision from the start to the end of their time at the Yiwu market. Thus, a trustworthy and experienced agent is essential. The following tips can help hire the right agent:

Go through the website

You’ll find that every agent has a website. Some might have more than one. Going through the website can help understand the agents behind the website. A website is also a good way to get information on that agent before contacting them. When going through the website, there are some things you should take care of.

As mentioned earlier, many agents claim to have around 1% commission along with free services and cars. In most cases, this is just a scam, and you don’t need to waste time on them. Even small but successful agents charge 3% at least, but they still have their terms and conditions.

You also need to check the kind of content on the website. If the agent respects the visitors, he or she must have useful information present on the website. If the website only contains a copy of other people’s work with only minor changes, then you can get an idea of how the person behind the website is.

See the way they are responding

You can also figure out if the agent is right for you by looking at how he or she responds. Check to see if they are doing what they claim to. See if they can communicate professionally and informatively through emails. Similarly, also check if they are honest about what they can do. For instance, if their website says one thing and they say something else in their emails, then you know they are not right.

Talk to the references mentioned on the site

Some agents post references on their website publicly. This way, you can see what others are saying about them, but you also need to check if all the reviews are genuine and real. One way to do this is to ask the agent for the contact information of the customers that wrote the review. Then, contact them and find out if it is real or not.

Don’t only choose one agent

It is best to select at least 3 potential agents. Meet all three and have a conversation with them. The best you can do is take a walk with them in the market for a day. After spending a day with them in the market, you can know if what they mentioned in their emails and on their website is true or not. Similarly, you can also know which one seems to put in the most effort and which one cares for your business the most.

Have a look at the license

You should not only know the agent’s English name, but you must also know the Chinese one. You’ll find millions of similar English names, but these are not real and in case of fraud or theft, not knowing the real name can be a problem. Have a look at their company ID, tax registration, and a business license and get copies made to ensure that they are registered legally in Yiwu, Zhejiang, or China.

Experience in quality check

While many agents claim to source a variety of different products, the real question is if they can do a good job. For instance, an agent exporting plastic containers might not know much about quality check when it comes to jewelry. Similarly, an agent that mainly handles the shipping to the US might not be too familiar with the custom requirements of other places like Fiji or Croatia.

It would be better to hire an agent that has specialized in the products you are looking for or is at least familiar with the products. Such people also handle quality control in a much better manner.

Moreover, with more experience in a particular kind of product, agents become well-familiar with suppliers and know the suppliers that can successfully deliver on their promise on time.

Sufficient facilities

A Yiwu agent must primarily have two facilities; a warehouse and an office. The office should be close to the market as an agent needs to go the market almost daily. Thus, an office nearby can cut transportation cost and time. Similarly, the warehouse should be spacious. Sometimes, the products need to be checked or repacked thoroughly, and that is impossible with insufficient space. An ideal warehouse must have facilities for easy container loading while ensuring nothing is broken or damaged. You can easily find all this by checking out their warehouse and office when you land in Yiwu.




6.5 Attention: Yiwu Market Agent Tricks

Agencies that charge a service fee of 3% or lower often make use of a few tricks to maintain the interest of their company and to make up for the loss incurred in the service fees. Following are a few tricks you must be aware of:

6.5.1 They can change the suppliers

It might be the case that you think the quality of the goods provided by supplier A is good, and the price is reasonable too; thus, you take the next step and place your required order. However, you must be careful as the agent can replace the supplier A with another supplier, supplier B, who is comparatively cheaper to benefit from it. So, while you pay the same amount to supplier B, what you get in return is a product which has poor quality.

Attention Yiwu Market Agent Tricks

Attention Yiwu Market Agent Tricks

6.5.2 Agents ask the suppliers to give a kickback

Once you are in the market and ready to negotiate with the market, your agent will try another trick here. While it may appear that the agent is working in your favor and negotiating a fair price, what might actually be happening is that he might ask the supplier to quote you a price which is 2 to 3% more than the original price. Thus, you will have to pay more for a certain product, and the extra money will go to your agent.

6.5.3 Agents can force the suppliers to reduce prices further

Once you and the supplier have come to a decision regarding the price and product, your agent might then force the supplier to cut the prices further when he or she places your order. As a result, the agent gets more profit because of the price difference. In such a case, there is a high chance that the supplier will give you products poor in quality so that he can protect their profit.

7. Our Suggestions About Buying From Yiwu Market

Before you start buying from Yiwu Market, there are a few suggestions that you should keep in mind. With 75,000 booths and a total area of over 55 million square feet, the market can be quite overwhelming. There is only one of you and 75,000 of the shops that you have to visit if you want to buy more than one kind of product. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be overwhelming. With the following steps, buying from Yiwu can become easier.

7.1 Plan the trip beforehand

Make sure you thoroughly plan all aspects of your trip instead of just randomly deciding one way that you need to go to the market. It is also better to know about the suppliers beforehand, even if you have hired an agent. Generally, suppliers with the same product list are placed in the same area, so you don’t need to roam around the market to spot similar suppliers. Visit the official Yiwugou website yiwugou.com to know about the supplier.

Once you select a supplier, ask the supplier to confirm if the samples and products in the store are the same. It is quite common that actual products and samples in the market are not the same and the supplier won’t tell you this voluntarily.

7.2 Take pictures of what you are interested in

If you come across a booth that has the product you are looking for and you are also satisfied with the rates, then take a picture and a name card of the product you are interested in before you continue your survey. This way, you can easily find your way back to the shop instead of going through the market once more to find that shop.

7.3 Don’t jump to pay money

You will need to negotiate the price but once you agree on a good rate, don’t jump to pay money. You first need to ensure that the supplier is trustworthy; thus it is better to pay as little deposit as you can. Then, once the supplier delivers on the promise, then you can pay the money. Or, you can come up with a system where you pay the supplier after he has sent you one container or something similar.

7.4 Take care of quality

As mentioned earlier, there will be a difference in the quality of the products. While that is not too much of a problem, you should make sure that the products are not too low quality. For this, you can ask the supplier to show you quality certificates or a similar document proving the quality of products.

7.5 Have all the necessary knowledge

Before thinking about catching a flight to Yiwu, it is better first to educate yourself on Yiwu as well as the customs so that you avoid an awkward situation like you going all the way to Yiwu during the Spring Festival when all the booths are closed. You’ll also find the market pretty quiet during the National Day holiday which is a 7-day holiday. While the shops will be open, you will find the market less populated. Apart from that, make sure to know the language spoken there, the opening and closing time of the market, as well as the day-to-day life in the city.

7.6 Stay for 5 days or more

You should not only prepare yourself to spend at least a week at Yiwu, but you should also ensure you have enough money. Think about it, visiting all the 75,000 shops just within a week seems to be impossible, but there are high chances that you come across what you want within the week.

7.7 Get a Yiwu buying agent

In case you are going to Yiwu for the very first time, then you should ask someone trustworthy or someone who has already visited the market to hook up with the agent they also used. Many agents seem to have a dubious nature as you don’t speak their language so they can try to inflate prices or dupe you. Generally, agents take somewhere between 5-10% of your total purchase values. However, Yiwu buying agents are essential because they can bridge the language barrier that is present between you and the Yiwu sourcing agent. Once you find a good Yiwu buying agent, you only have to focus on choosing the right product.

7.8 Select the right products

Yiwu is primarily known for mass-production of an array of products. Thus, if you intend to get only one piece customized for purchasing, the chances are that it is not going to happen. However, if you go for mass production, Yiwu has a plethora of options. You should visit all the different booth, have a thorough look at the products, and then pick the one that appeals the most. At Yiwu, you will find something that suits your taste.

8. More Market in Yiwu and Yiwu Fair

The Yiwu wholesale market, also known as the Futian market is not the only wholesale market in Yiwu. There are other different kinds of wholesale markets in Yiwu, and while these are not as famous as the Yiwu wholesale market, you can find some products in other markets too. Following is a list of the other markets:

  • International Capital Goods Market in Yiwu.

  • Furniture Market in Yiwu.

  • Huangyuan Clothing Market in Yiwu

Yiwu Fairs

Yiwu has numerous open markets throughout the year, yet, there are exhibitions held from time to time too. Many customers that come to China for participating in the famous Canton Fair also often fly to Yiwu to take part in the Yiwu Exhibition that takes place once the Canton Fair is completed. You can easily find some real factories here, and you can also benefit from the other fairs held throughout the year including:

Belt & Road Initiative (Yiwu) Glasses & Eye care Products Fair 1st-3rd, Apr
China Yiwu Hardware & Electrical Appliances Trade Fair 20th-22nd, Apr
The China (Yiwu) Cultural Products Trade Fair 27th-30th, Apr
The Belt and Road Yiwu Sports Industry Exhibition 7th-9th, Sept
China Art & Frame Expo 18th-20th, Sept
China Yiwu International Commodities Fair 21st-25th, Oct
China Yiwu International Forest Products Fair 1st-4th, Nov

9. How to Reach to Yiwu

No international flight arrives at Yiwu since it is a county-level city. Thus, importers arrive at either Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, or Beijing first before making another trip to Yiwu.

Yiwu can be reached in three ways: train, long-distance bus, and airplane. You can conveniently use your passport for purchasing the tickets. Note that foreigners cannot book their train tickets at the ticket machine in the Tickets Hall. They will have to purchase the tickets at the ticket window in the Tickets Hall. You can also book the tickets from local Chinese websites such as 12306.com; however, it is not recommended for foreigners to do so. It is better to share your passport information with your agent and let them handle it. Following is an outline of the way you can get to Yiwu from different cities.

9.1 From Shanghai to Yiwu

There are three ways to get from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Yiwu. These are as follows:

9.1.1 By bus

Shanghai is approximately 300km away from Yiwu. Thus, if you have taken an international flight to Shanghai, then the most convenient option is to take the bus.

The bus station is situated on the second floor of the waiting hall. You can use your passport to purchase a ticket, and it will cost you CNY 180 which is roughly around USD 27. After a journey of about 4.5 hours, you will arrive at the Yiwu bus station which is near district 5 of the wholesale market.

9.1.2 By high-speed train

A high-speed train also goes from Shanghai to Yiwu and takes only 1.5 hours to two hours. There are three classes in the speed train; the business class will cost you CNY 377 which is about USD 58, the first-class tickets cost CNY 201 which is equal to USD$30 and the second class which costs CNY 123 or USD 19.

However, you will first have to take the subway Line 2 to Hongqiao Train Station from Shanghai Pudong Airport and line up to buy tickets. Sometimes, you might have to wait for long as the tickets are often short. The train leaves Shanghai every 5-10 minutes every day from 6:00 to 20:00.

9.1.3 By private car

Sometimes you will also find private cars waiting at the bus station to take passengers to Yiwu. You can often find these cars waiting as they don’t want to return to Yiwu without a passenger after driving someone from Yiwu to Shanghai Pudong Airport.

Alternatively, you can also ask your agent to arrange a car for you as all agents have content for such pick-up services. A 7-seat business van from Shanghai Pudong Airport to your hotel in Yiwu (one way) will roughly cost you CNY 800 which is equal to approximately USD 120.

You might also find some car-pooling options. It’s possible to find someone at the airport who is willing to split the car fare from Shanghai to Yiwu. You two can then discuss how you want to share the overall fee. Of course, you will not always find a private car, but you might come across one if you are lucky! A private is both convenient and fast but make sure you bargain with the driver.

9.2 From Guangzhou to Yiwu

To go from Guangzhou to Yiwu, you have two options:

9.2.1 By air

If you have taken an international flight to Guangzhou Airport, then you can take another flight to Yiwu so that you can avoid the hassle of urban transportation. By air, it will take you two hours to reach Yiwu.

9.2.2 By high-speed train

If you have chosen to stay for some time in Guangzhou, then you can take a train to Yiwu once your stay in Guangzhou is over. You will first have to take the subway line 2 from Jiahewanggang to get to the Guangzhou Nan Railway Station. Then, you can take a high-speed train from there to reach Yiwu. There are three different classes with each class having different ticket prices.

The business class costs CNY 2131 which equals to USD $327, the first class costs CNY 1110 which is equal to USD $170, and the second class costs CNY 674 which amounts to USD $103.

9.3 From Beijing to Yiwu

To get from Beijing to Yiwu, there are two ways:

9.3.1 By air

You can fly from Beijing Capital International Airport to Yiwu by air. The time taken for this is 2 hours roughly, and there are two flights daily.

9.3.2 By high-speed train

A high-speed train also goes to Yiwu from Beijing South and takes about 6.5 to 7 hours. However, you will first have to go from Beijing airport to the train station via subway, bus, or taxi.

9.4 From Hangzhou to Yiwu

Since Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province, it is just 100km away from Yiwu. There are three ways to get from Hangzhou to Yiwu. These are:

9.4.1 By bus

If you have taken an international flight directly to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, then the most convenient option is via bus.

You will find the bus station at gate no. 14 of the airport terminal. This bus journey will only take 1.6 hours, and you will arrive at the bus station in district 5 of the wholesale market. During the day, you will a bus leaving the airport every forty minutes. In the evening, the interval of each bus increases to one hour until 9.30 at night. A bus ticket to Yiwu costs CNY 62 which is equals to USD 9.5.

9.4.2 By high-speed train

You can also take the high-speed train to Yiwu, but you will first need to arrive at the Hangzhou Dong Railway Station via subway Line 1. Note that this is different from the Hangzhou Railway Station and is only dedicated to high-speed trains. You will find a train leaving for Yiwu every ten to fifteen minutes.

Like with high-speed trains in other cities, there are three different classes. The business class costs CNY 158 which is equivalent to USD $24, first class tickets cost CNY 84 which is equal to USD $13, and the price of second-class tickets is CNY 50 which is equal to USD $7.7.

9.4.3 By private car

You can also find private cars going from Hangzhou’s airport to Yiwu. All the agents could have this arranged. This will cost you CNY 350 per car which is around USD $54.

10. Life in Yiwu

Yiwu is becoming more modernized. People are not only coming for business but also travel as well. The life in Yiwu is quite fast. Everyone is working on their own business. You will find people in the market moving around very fast. Outside of the market, still, people are busy with their life. You will be impressed by how people are driving here. Leisure Cars, motorcycles, and bicycles are everywhere on the street.

A few years ago, there were no skyscrapers in Yiwu. Now you will find it no different than tier-one cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou except the coverage of the city. People come and go. Now more and more people choose to stay. As mentioned, that there are 14,000 foreigners stay living here.

10.1 Hotels in Yiwu

If you are on a product sourcing trip to Yiwu, the hotel is vital for the entire trip. Running around in the whole market, you probably need to walk over 20,000 steps a day. You would have no patience taking another hour to travel back to your hotel. And a nice service from the hotel will make your trip full of happiness.

From our experience in Yiwu and according to the area of the hotels, we listed a few hotels for your reference. All the hotels can be booked from ctrip.com or boking.com. The link in the list below is from boking.com and is just for your reference. The “Area” below means the location of the hotel and how far it is from the yiwu market.

Area Hotel Names Minimum Budget
District 3 Lvgu Hotel


District 3 LuckBear Hotel/Lakai Hotel


District 3 Wendemu International Hotel


District 3 Yuejia Business Hotel


District 1 Ejon Impression Hotel


District 2 Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel


District 1 Yiwu Marriott Hotel


District 1 Shangri-La Hotel, Yiwu 


1 km to market Kasion Hotel


2.5 km to market Yindu Hotel


2.5 km to market Yiwu International Mansion


5 km to market The Pury Hotel



10.2 Transportation in Yiwu

Transportation in Yiwu can be very easy. We have Didi/Uber, taxi, Motorcycle and autobus, etc.

We only recommend Taxt to foreigners. Didi and Autobus are not easy for foreigners. Motorcycle is fast and cheap but sometimes dangerous. For Taxi, starting price at 1.2US$, 0.3US$ per KM. Taking a taxi within Yiwu costs reasonably 5US$.

10.3 Restaurants in Yiwu

Food in the market are normally Chinese fast food. It’s also easy to reach to KFC, BurgerKing from the market. Or we suggest you take some snacks or fruits with you when visiting the market every day. Here we also have 2 frequent visit restaurants for you. Show the name to the taxi, they will drop you there.

 Chinese Restaurant 鸡毛换糖

This is a very traditional Yiwu restaurant. They have dishes displaying there for you to order.

Turkey Food/Sultan Restaurant

The turkey food in Sultan is very popular in Yiwu. It’s crowded at the dinner time. You may need to make a reservation in advance.

10.4 Shopping in Yiwu

Glory Mall 新光汇

Glory mall is beside Yiwu Shangri-la Hotel. And it’s close to Yiwu market district one.

Yiwu Lifestyle Center 义乌之心

The largest shopping mall in Yiwu. Has all brands like the Glory mall. And there are more like UNIQLO, Zara and so on.

Night Market / Street Fair 三挺路夜市

Yiwu night market is popular. Near Yindu Hotel and Yiwu Intl Mansion. I would like to call it mini Yiwu Market as it has almost everything from Yiwu market. If you want to buy something as gifts or souvenirs, it’s a good place to go. And there is food that you may have never seen, fried tofu/spider/scorpion and so on.

10.5 Night Life in Yiwu

Though after a busy day, you may still want to explore the city and relax yourself. Shopping malls and night market will be too much walking. Here are typically 2 activities you can enjoy.


  • 义乌市阿莲养生馆 Yìwū shì  ā lián yǎng shēng guǎn
  • 义乌市宏泰保健中心 Yìwū shì hóngtài bǎojiàn zhōngxīn
  • 泰印象SPA养生会馆  Thai Inshore Spa/Health Care


  • Pago 酒吧  Pago Club
  • Masha’s Bar
  • 学院酒吧      Xuéyuàn jiǔbā      ADD: 1970文创园
  • 隔壁酒吧 gébì jiǔbā (a quiet one)


Yiwu wholesale market is not only the most innovative market, but it is also the biggest wholesale market in China. With a huge number of suppliers and a wide array of products, sourcing from the Yiwu market can be highly beneficial for you. Plus, taking help from this guide will ensure that your experience at the market goes smoothly! Remember to book a Yiwu Market Guide before you buy the flight tickets.

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