Finding the best selling ecommerce products are one of the most important aspects to be successful in business like dropshipping, selling on Amazon, etc. You can add countless products to your store by a few simple clicks, but to make it successful, you must have the ability to identify good products.

Online stores must pay attention to product trends. If you can find the product before the product sales break out, congratulations, such products will bring you huge profits. And your marketing promotion costs will be relatively small.

1. How to find potential niche products?

Each niche market has a trend. In the fashion field, there are popular clothing accessories, shoes, and bags around every corner. It is best to choose a niche market that will keep up the trend for a long time. You can use the following methods to find.

1.1 AliExpress / Amazon / eBay

Search for a specific product, if its order exceeds 1,000, it may be a potentially hot product. Then you can use Google Trends to check again if the product’s trend is rising or falling.

1.2 Google Trends

This is the most commonly used tool. If you want to know that product value is not worth exploring, you can use Google Trends to search for specific keywords to see if the product trend is an upward trend. Data from 2004 to the present can be viewed. If the product is seasonal, you will see peaks and underestimations that occur almost every year. If you look at the data for the past 12 months, it is possible that the trend line is relatively flat and there are no ups and downs. Therefore, it is best to look at the data from the past 5 years or from 2004, so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of the trend.

1.3 Trendhunter

This tool lists trends in different niche markets. You can find niche markets in the fields of fashion, jewelry, and home, etc. There are various articles on potential trends products that you can refer to and cross-check in AliExpress or Google Trends.

1.4 Instant Product Evaluator Tool

This tool can help you evaluate whether the product you are selling is good. You list the product ideas and answer a few questions about the product, which can help you understand if the product is the right product. After answering the question, it will send the answer to you by email. Besides, you can also pay more attention to the product information from the following websites, perhaps it can help you find some inspirational ideas.

2. 20 Most Popular and Potential Products

2.1 Corset/Shape Wear/Athleisure

By 2022, sales in the corset market are expected to skyrocket to $5.6 billion. The corset was originally used as interior cloth, and it has become a daily casual wear. Women can wear a corset in a casual suit or wear it directly as a top.

Corset, shapewear, and athleisure could be from the same category. In the fashion world, the trend is always changing. Wearing sportswear is not only for fitness in the gym but also becomes daily wear. In this category, you can sell a lot of products, such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, tights, sports bras, vests, headscarves, cropped trousers and shoes, and the colors and styles can be varied.

Moreover, this niche market can develop in different directions. It can be developed into a niche store or a general store of all the above-mentioned products. Or it can be a product line in the fashion niche market or promote products in many subdivided niche markets in the fitness field.

Also, products from the suppliers are diversified. Whether you are selling underwear, women’s fashion, or a regular clothing store, you can add a corset, shapewear, or sportswear to provide a variety of color, style, and size of corsets to meet the needs of a variety of customers. Seeing how you position your brand may have the opportunity to expand into other vertical products, such as fashion accessories and jewelry or fitness accessories such as yoga mats.

2.2 Pregnant Women Dresses



Maternity clothing is a multi-billion-dollar industry. According to RP News Wire, the growth rate of pregnant women is expected to rise by 2.01%. Pregnant women’s fashion stores, like other niche stores, have performed very well. However, you can also develop into other products, such as baby products.

You can also sell e-books about pregnancy, create and sell prenatal sports videos or courses to prepare pregnant women to be mothers. These digital products may even be another selling point for your online store.

2.3 Baby Thermometer/Baby Carrier/Baby Walker/Baby Car Seat

The market of baby-related products has never been down. Check each of the categories from google trends, it keeps going up. Quality is the key point of baby products. Whether you are in dropshipping or selling on Amazon, pay enough attention to the quality and safety of baby products. You’d better buy samples to try and test yourself.

Baby products sourcing takes time as they are widely spread in all parts of China. For example, baby thermometers are mainly from Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Guangzhou. The baby carrier from the Yiwu market and Ningbo city. Baby walker from Shantou and Hebei. Baby car seat from Guangzhou, Cixi, etc.

2.4 Party Décor

Party decoration products have a huge category. Most sellers tend to develop a general store for this category. A lot of products are involved in all kinds of parties. For example, holidays like Halloween and Christmas, birthday decoration, wedding decoration, banquets, conferences, etc. It’s easy for sellers to go from one line of products to another line.

At the same time, it’s also a category easy to be differentiated. As customers will not only buy one accessory for a certain party. A lot of sellers have their idea of how to bundle a unique product kit.  But this makes it a bit difficult for dropshipping, as no suppliers would want to bundle for only one set of products.

There are so many party decoration related items like balloons, banners, garlands, confetti, costumes, etc. You can even expand to tableware for parties like disposable cups and plates, forks and knives, tissues and so on. Get those different parts sourced and bundled, you will have your unique product soon.

2.5 Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phones are updated so fast these days. And mobile phone accessories are also of high demand in the market. By 2022, the market value of mobile phone accessories will reach 107.3 billion US dollars. Time proved that mobile phone cases, brackets, screen protectors, repair kits, chargers, and headphones have always been the best-selling products. Check the data from google trends, the search volume of the neck phone holder and phone grip keep increasing.

Mobile phone accessories are also suitable for dropshipping due to its lightweight and small volume. To start the game, you can check what’s hot on AliExpress and import it by Oberlo to your dropshipping store. If the product goes well, you can also source from and dropship it to your clients by a third-party drop shipping fulfillment center like MindenSourcing.

2.6 Portable LED Projector/Projector Screen

The portable projector industry is expected to be worth $3.44 billion in the next 2 or 3 years. Some mini projectors can be attached to a mobile phone, which is convenient for business even home use.

The thing is that projectors and its screens are of high value and volume, it’s not good enough for dropshipping. But if you are planning to open a projector store, you have a variety of options: mini projectors, handheld projectors, light projectors, laser projectors, projector screens and more. This popular product can also be sold well in general stores in electronics or home category.

2.7 Flame Light/Led Light

There is a very strong product in Oberlo: the flame lamp. Since only a few shops are selling this product, the sales of flame lamps are much higher than average. The product itself is very eye-catching, and the buyer will want to buy it at first sight.

For this reason, you don’t have to start a niche store for this item. It could be a decoration item among all other items in your general store. If you are selling flame lights, you can also have a look at LED candle lights, led holiday decorations, etc.

2.8 Minimalist Watch

Minimalist watches come along with fashion and trendy items. From the Google trend, the trend of the minimalist watch is going up. The search volume for men’s watches, women’s watches, and smartwatches are also rising over time. Every  December is the peak period of watch sales. You can sell better If you bundle a related accessory to add more value.

Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms to market watches. A good price, a nice taken lifestyle picture, or a short video from an influencer will push your audience to buy it.

2.9 Backpack

The peak season to sell backpacks is August, when the back-to-school season begins. So, the backpack is a seasonal product. But a peak season sale may be comparable to your full-year sale. You can add handbags, men’s bags, wallets to the store. Even other accessories such as sunglasses, which have been proven to have stable sales.

If you enter this niche market, you can focus on either travel, school or fashion. Or you can have a general store offering a wide range of products. Overall, women are the main consumers of backpacks and handbags. And for men, they tend to have one backpack for all of their stuff. Backpacks of novelty and convenience are welcomed.

By the way, backpacks and handbags are mainly manufactured in Guangzhou city and Baigou in Hebei. Numerous suppliers are producing various designs and quality levels of backpacks.

2.10 Posture Corrector

Posture has become an issue for many adults across the world as we are spending so much time sitting in front of a screen. Shown from Google Trend, the search volume of posture corrector is climbing up in recent years.

For this item, google ads may work as the main search volume is from google. Sellers can further analyze the demand from specific countries. Instead of selling all over the world, you can target a few countries.

2.11 Good Night Mask

Sales of good night masks for online stores are on the rise. Good night masks solve an old problem: poor sleep quality. There are three types of good-night mask consumers: people who are sensitive to the sleeping environment, travelers, and beauty lovers.

Depending on the different demands of the target customers, you need to learn which products are the best for them. You can add some other products to the store. If your shop is selling traveling products, you can sell headphones,  backpacks, thermos, and other travel accessories. If you own a beauty shop, night masks can be sold together with skincare products.

2.12 Hair Removal Tools

Women use more hair removal tools. You can sell laser hair removal tools, electric razors, hair removal beeswax, and other related products. You can build a store that specializes in hair removal products, or you can add them to a beauty store as a sub-directory. Like hair removal beeswax, customers are likely to repeat purchases. Like laser hair removal products, the profits generated will be higher.

You found rarely hair removal product topics on Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, it’s better to promote them through search engine optimization. Email marketing is another great way to sell hair removal products as it’s more like a private conversation with the clients. They will remember you once the email received. And there is a high chance for them to reorder if the products can meet their expectations.

2.13 False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are a very popular beauty accessory that makes women’s eyelashes look fuller. AliExpress has sold thousands of different false eyelashes, which proves the popularity of false eyelashes. Moreover, orders for bulk purchases are not unusual. Again, we can use email marketing to promote it.

False eyelashes are normally sold in a dozen. Due to its lightweight and small volume, drop shippers need to pay special attention to the package.

Google Trends also indicates that the search for false eyelashes is on the rise. You need to optimize SEO to bring natural traffic to your online stores. Short informational videos on Facebook and Instagram can bring a lot of traffic as well.

2.14 Fake Hair/Hair Extensions/Wigs

The search volume of wigs is on the rise. And it’s a multi-million dollar market. Even there are so many sellers, the market is not saturated yet because of the huge demand out there. Do you know that a person who bought wigs will not buy only one? There are at least 3-5 different designs in their makeup drawer. And they keep their interests in new designs and styles.

Women are the majority of consumers of wigs. But the number of men who need wigs are increasing. And the product itself has so much room to be improved. If you decided to move into this market, you need to know more about how this product being produced.

There are a few hair extensions shops in Yiwu Wholesale Market. Some of them are professional and cooperative. But most wigs factories are manufactured in Xuchang city, Henan province. There are thousands of small workshops and big factories. If you tend to develop your design, Xuchang is the number one choice.

2.15 Pin/Brooches

The brooch has been erupting in the past two years, and its upward trend has not shown any signs of slowing down. It has many styles and patterns, such as emoji, food patterns, etc. These cute or quirky pins can meet the different interests of customers. It’s another good dropshipping product due to its features of the lightweight, low cost of shipping, choices of models.

Customers can express their personality with the unique fashion art of brooch, and it is easy to pin on clothes and bags. You can also extend to other fashion accessories, such as sunglasses, jewelry, etc.

2.16 Surveillance Camera

Surveillance cameras, especially night vision surveillance cameras are popular products in the security industry. Night vision cameras are sold well in security or electronics stores with huge profit margins.

It can be used in a warehouse when you are traveling, a physical store when lacking of staff, or even in your room for the newborn baby. Night vision cameras are search-based products. People who have a sense of the importance of security will buy it.

If you own an electronics products store, you can pay a visit to Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen. Every year, new models are coming out from there. You can have one-stop shopping for all kinds of electronic products.

2.17 Inflatable Sofa/Air Sofa

The inflatable sofa or air sofa was especially popular in the past 3 years. And its popularity is not going down at all. It looks like a big item, but it can be easily taken to the beach, camping or other outdoor activities. However, this makes it a seasonal product.

An inflatable sofa or air sofa is mainly manufactured in Ningbo and Guangzhou, China. Suppliers also keep working on new designs and models. To choose the product, you can cross-check it on AliExpress and Amazon.

Due to its nature of outdoor products, it’s easy to take stunning pictures and get social attention. It also makes Facebook and Instagram the best place to promote this item.

2.18 Water Filter

We don’t need to emphasize the importance of water or drinking water. Lots of studies recommend people to drink more water. No doubt that the condition is to drink safe and clean water. The water filter has a clear rising demand in the market.

Studies have shown that more than half of Americans are concerned about the quality of household water. So, a home used water filter is of high demand and huge importance. To choose the water filter, do remember that the product needs to be BPA free and passes the FDA test.

2.19 Soap Dispenser

The soap dispenser is a common item. But check out this eye-catching novelty soap dispenser. People may not go searching for this item on purpose, but the fresh design will make them stop and look. And there is a high chance that the shoppers will buy them.

Novelty products are always sold well simply because shoppers have never seen them before. Does the question come to how to find those items? There are numerous fairs in China, by visiting the fair, probably you can find new products. To design it yourself is another way, but it may request a quite high investment.

2.20 Storage Box

The storage box is another huge category. And the demand has never been low. There are so many types of storage boxes, bags, and containers. And they are widely used in our daily life. For example, in the kitchen and bathroom, for cosmetics and traveling, etc.

It makes our accessories organized, but it’s not easy to transport especially in international shipping. So, selling on Amazon could be a better choice than dropshipping. It’s usually sold in a bundle of different sizes. This can bring up the selling price and differentiate from other sellers.


Take advantage of Google trends, we find out these best-selling or high demand products. They are not solely for dropshipping or Amazon. And you need still to narrow down or filter from those categories to specific products. We hope we are giving out inspiration instead of a fixed answer. Following the inspiration, you will find your own best products soon. We know this article is very limited in so many product categories. Most of the categories need to be analyzed in detail. We will work on some of the categories and bring you a comprehensive introduction soon. Any questions concerning product sourcing from China for Amazon or dropshipping, feel free to message us.